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The flexible, innovative, award winning solution for packaging and transporting liquids and most pourable products.

Compact • Collapsible • Cost Effective • Convenient • Durable • BPA Free

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commercial packaging image

SMART BOTTLE® / Commercial

SMART BOTTLE® for commerce.

A flexible alternative to rigid containers.

Save space, material, shipping, weight, and money.

SMART BOTTLE® is manufactured from flexible films. It uses flat, sturdy seals on the corners to provide rigidity which maintains the shape of the container. This configuration offers packaging that ships flat before fulfillment and reduces the disposal footprint when its contents are depleted.


DOW acquired the global license to Smart Bottle® and trademarked the technology as PacXpert™ Packaging Technology.

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DOW is the Global Licensee of the SMART BOTTLE® Line, with Worldwide Rights

PacXpert Packaging Technology is licensed globally by DOW through an exclusive agreement with Smart Bottle® Inc. DOW is sub-licensing this exciting technology to select converters who may then leverage the technology to promote differentiated flexible packaging solutions to the marketplace.


SMART BOTTLE® is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations making it a versatile solution for almost any packaging requirement. Heavy duty films combined with maximum strength seals assure product integrity which passes a four foot drop test. This configuration of flexible materials and unique construction offers a 50% weight reduction in packaging materials.

Cost Effective

With the capability of up to 10-color flexo or roto printing directly on the film, expensive labeling is eliminated. This reduces the cost of production and overall pricing to the end user.

SMART BOTTLE® in use at Kraft

The Kraft YES Pack, which stands for Yield, Ease and Sustainability, is an innovative and environmentally friendly flexible gallon dressing package. YES Pack is designed to help Food service Operators manage costs and improve back-of-house efficiencies with improved dressing yield of up to 99 percent (compared to rigid gallon jug).

Award winning design

The innovative design of the Smart Bottle has brought accolades and awards including:

• DuPont Silver Award

• NRA Innovations Award

• Food & Beverage Product Innovations Award at the 2012 National Restaurant Show

• Food Packaging Associations 2013 Highest Achievement Award

SMART BOTTLE® Versus Rigid Container

When comparing a 1-gallon HDPE bottle with this 1-gallon SMART BOTTLE®, you can accommodate 39% more product on a store shelf, in the warehouse and in the truck due to the SMART BOTTLE® configuration. Purchasing direct from the manufacturer combined with low freight costs will save money compared to empty, rigid bottles. (minimum order required)

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12-1gal HDPE bottles vs 12-1gal Smart Bottles in a carton.

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Patented SMART BOTTLE® invented and made by:

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KRW Packaging Machinery, Inc.

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