Smart Bottle Inc is the inventor, designer and builder of Smart Bottle machines and has the most experience in making Smart Bottles/PacXpert and designing and building machines to make them.

Please contact Ken Wilkes for further information on the machines. Smart Bottle Inc also provides all kinds of technical support to Dow PacXpert licensees and others that are interested in the technology.
Call 828-658-0912.

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Machines Available From Smart Bottle Inc.

Smart Bottle/PacXpert One Step Machine

This machine makes the bottle and seals the fitment in a one step process. The most economical way to make Smart Bottles

Smart Bottle/PacXpert Underwater Vacuum Tester

Underwater vacuum testing up to 5 Gallons.

Smart Bottle/PacXpert Fillers

DOW is the Global Licensee of the SMART BOTTLE® Line, with Worldwide Rights

PacXpert Packaging Technology is licensed globally by DOW through an exclusive agreement with Smart Bottle® Inc. DOW is sub-licensing this exciting technology to select converters who may then leverage the technology to promote differentiated flexible packaging solutions to the marketplace.

Smart Bottle® is a trade mark of Smart Bottle Inc®