Product Reviews

“Well made product, wish more companies would make such solid products. Great packaging information and note from company, just shows they care about customers and future sales with existing customers. The products I ordered are built well that should last me a long time.”

Steve B.

“We absolutely love these containers and the strength of them! Very convenient! The customer service has been outstanding as well!”

Christy H.

“I purchase several of these in various sizes about a year ago and I’ve been very pleased. I plan on buying a few more soon. I’ve used them for camping and I would use them in an emergency as well. Highly recommended!”

David S.

“In a word, great. Especially compared to all options we’ve used in the past. The size is perfect for easy handling when filling and using. This beats drums and jerry jugs hands down. Before filling or after use, they take up almost no space at all; which also beats other flexible cube containers.”

Leslie S.

“These bags are durable and just what we needed. For my business, I appreciate the fast delivery speed too!”

Carlos C.

“I truly love these and for the price there a hole lot cheaper compared to one of the biggest retailers.”

Shaun H.

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5.3 Gallon Bottle

5.3 Gallon

Very quick and reliable. thank you!

Jill J.

5.3 Gallon Bottle

5.3 Gallon

One of the best decisions I’ve made. Truly a Smart Bottle that very convenient.

Christopher J.

Tubing Spout Accessory

Tubing Spout Accessory - fits Sawyer and other Filters

Great and well made product

Keith J.

2.6 Gallon Bottle

2.6 Gallon

I truly love these and for the price there a hole lot cheaper compared to one of the biggest retailers.

Shaun H.

5.3 Gallon Bottle

5.3 Gallon

Love it! Fast delivery great customer service and easy to use .Thank you!

Jeongwoon E.

1 Quart Smart Bottle

1 Quart

Love these. Great size for leftover soups. MADE IN NC, USA!!!

R W.