2.6 Gallon DOUBLE WALL Outdoor Container with 8mm Pour Spout

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The ONLY camping bottle constructed from TWO layers of film to prevent leaks.

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Purchase a SMART BOTTLE® for your next camping trip, emergency home kit, automobile travel kit or picnic.

Made In USA

  • All Outdoor Smart Bottles survive a 2 meter drop test at 70F and 50% humidity.
  • Puncture resistant made from two layers of film
  • Extra wide seals insure a strong, leak proof container
  • Compact when empty and folds easily for storage
  • BPA free
  • Smart Bottle material conforms to FDA Regulation 177.1520 which permits the use of polyethylene in articles that contact food
  • Integral handles at the top and bottom are designed for easy carrying and dispensing content
  • Remains upright when partially full
  • Grommets on both ends for securing and hanging
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Bag may be frozen with water in it
  • For bottle specifications, please see Additional Information.

Additional information

Weight 196.5 g
Dimensions 22.25 × 9.25 in

8 reviews for 2.6 Gallon DOUBLE WALL Outdoor Container with 8mm Pour Spout

  1. David Sciacca

    Extremely happy with my purchase and plan to buy a few more. Intended uses will be for emergency situations and camping/recreation. Received my order very quickly. Highly recommended!

  2. Noel

    See 1 gallon review.

  3. Noel

    Repeat order for a great product. Home and sailboat use. Power outages up here occur at least couple times a year. No power, no well water. These pour spout bags make life a bit more pleasant during the longer outage. Very stable sitting on their bottoms or side. Sit one on the kitchen counter with the tap hanging over the sink. Another sits with the tap hanging over the bathroom sink.

  4. Jan Carroll


  5. AM

    I found out about these bottles from a couple YouTube videos by RVers who test products. They strongly recommended these. I’ve been looking for a sturdy container for carrying water while camping but the jerry cans take up too much space and the other soft bottles aren’t strong enough. This is just perfect and the customer service is some of the best I’ve ever experienced! Thanks for making such a great product and for putting your customers first.

  6. sandra harden

    Ugh its great already stop asking

  7. Scott Lehrer

    Sturdy and will fit many needs around the RV

  8. Hubert Lontz

    What a great product!
    Compact when not filled and lightweight when filled.

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