*NEW* Boondocking Kit – Includes Three 5.3 Gallon Containers plus Water Pump Kit


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  • 3 qty. 5.3 Gallon Smart Bottles with 18mm fast pour spouts. The ONLY camping bottle constructed from TWO layers of film to prevent leaks.
    Each film layer has two layers of nylon for a total of four layers, providing resistance to cuts and punctures.


  • Smart Bottle water pump with 2 qty. 4 ft. Evoflex extra flexible potable water hoses and 1 Female Swivel Hose Adapter. Machined fittings. Pump powered by electric drill.

Pump has been taken apart, all grease removed, cleaned and FDA food contact grease added.

Pump is tested for 10 min of pumping.

Connects to all Smart Bottles for clean transfer.

Four foot hose with anti-kink design, lead and BPA free.

Fits electric drills, not included.

The pump manufacturer does not rate the pump for potable water transfer.