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Our travel Wine Bottle safeguards your favorite wine using 7 mil white film, which keeps the sun rays out, and alcohol and flavor in. Provides an airtight barrier in a convenient, flexible design. You can carry three 750ml bottles (2.3 L) of wine at once! Our Wine Bottle is the perfect lightweight, flexible solution for transporting wine or spirits securely and discreetly. Because of its stable design, it will always be able to stand up on its own. Included is a carabiner and an easy to dial 8mm pour spout, which is tethered to a solid brass grommet, so you don’t have to worry about losing it while filling.

Made In USA

  • Light weight 71 grams with tethered 8mm spout and carabiner clip
  • White opaque film that prevents evaporation of alcohol and preserves taste. FDA approved for food and beverage contact and no BPA
  • Maintain freshness by removing the air after use. Simply squeeze the air out then apply cap securely
  • Triangle base will stand on uneven surfaces
  • Pours easily with one hand
  • For bottle specifications, please see Additional Information.

Additional information

Weight 71 g
Dimensions 13.75 × 9.5 in

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